Bonus Slot Machines

Bonus slots are very popular among fans of slots because their design gives players higher chances of winning. Such game types are usually featured on five-reel slots; however, some three-reel slots also provide various bonus features.

The Different Slot Bonuses

  • If you trigger free spins, you get several free spins, where prizes can be doubled or tripled, depending on your luck.
  • Cascades refer to a feature that gets rid of certain symbols, replacing them with other symbols, like wild symbols. This will help you to come up with more winning symbol combinations.
  • The hold and spin feature will hold several reels if triggered while others re-spin with hopes to give you higher chances of earning more winning symbol combinations comparing to playing at straight slot machine.
  • Wild features refer to special symbols, which will replace various other symbols (except the scatter symbols) on the reels, so you can come up with more winning symbol combinations. A lot of the time, winning symbol combinations that actually feature these particular symbols will double or triple the overall prize, as well.
  • The symbol slide feature let a symbol slide down, so that every other reel symbol will be replaced. Similar to cascade, it can help you come up with more winning symbol combinations.
  • Scatter symbols refer to special symbols, which can increase your overall winnings. Getting at least three of them on the reels will multiply your whole bet. In several games, they will also trigger other bonus games.
  • Fortune Wheel or Wealth Wheel is a kind of bonus that first appeared in the Fortune Wheel slot game. Basically, a wheel is filled with prizes and you have to spin it. Whichever prize it stops on will be the prize that you get.
  • One highly common bonus slots game would be pick-a-box, a small game where you will see several different icons (boxes or treasure chests, usually). You simply have to pick an icon to find out what your prize is.
  • Pick to pop, or pick to collect, is another common kind of bonus slots game. Quite like pick-a-box, they show booby or pooper icons instead. You can keep picking out prizes until you get a pooper, at which the game will end.

How to Play Bonus Games

Aside from being a ton of fun, bonus games are very easy to understand and play. As already mentioned, they get triggered whenever you spin certain amounts of special icons on the payline or board.

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