Frequently Asked Questions

Are the results of each spin random?

The results are really random. Each available online slot machine has actually been certified and checked to be completely random, so that players get the fairest odds at winning.

Are slots odds important during the game play?

Symbols on slot machines get weighted, but not the way they are weighted in actual slot machines. Various symbols will get spun more than others and that is how slot machine odds get worked out. Everything has to do with beating the odds, after all.

Is it better to play machines which require inserting of high valued coins?

You should only play at machines with higher denominations if you have the money to do so. Such machines tend to have higher percentages of payout, but if bankrolls can't handle the sustenance to play on them, there would be no point to go there to begin with.

Can I play slots at home?

If you really love slot machines, you can buy one for your home, if you want; it could be a lot of fun. Naturally, you will not get to bet actual money on it, nor will you be able to win actual money. However, the fun factor will still be there.

Is warm machine a prediction of coming win?

It isn't good luck when the slot machine feels warm to the touch. Every land-based slot machine is going to be warm anyway since the systems and inner mechanical parts, sounds and lights will make them warm. Also, each slot machine will get warm at some point, so warm machines don't have any bearings or better odds of winning compared to other machines. That is one of slots myths.

Answers on Other Things

The "Gambling" feature refers to a 50% bet, with you winning sometimes and losing sometimes. It would be your decision. However, it would mostly be recommended not to put that feature to use on big wins since nothing would be worse than winning huge just to lost it all at once.

No good system actually exists when it comes to beating the machines. Overall, if you play longer, you will lose more. What you have to do would be to go out there and play slots for the fun and entertainment, with little chances of winning. Do not expect too much or you will simply leave the place disappointed.

Several slot machines come with their percentages of payout on them, while others might hide them in their systems "Help" section. Still others might not list them at all. The percentages of payout don't make much difference nowadays, though, since every casino has to provide higher percentages in order to keep their customers coming. Therefore, the overall differences are actually extremely small.

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