How to Play Online Slots

There are only several steps needed to be able to spin the reels of online slots successfully. Learning how online slots are played is easier than playing them in casinos, though. Yes, all slot machines are generally easy to learn and they work similarly: money is placed into the machine and the button is pressed or the arm is pulled while pictures line up - nothing advanced.

Finding Casinos and Choosing Paylines

Start with choosing online casino. After deciding on a website and signing up, read through their slots list for games that might catch your attention.

Normally, land-based slots only have a single payline, so if you play actual three-reel slots, skip this particular step.

However, if you play at least five reels, you have to choose your paylines with the respective screen buttons. It would be smart to play every existing payline in order to boost your odds of winning all the more.

Making Bets and Spinning Reels

Several three-reel games will put coins to use. Usually, the coins have designated values, however, you will occasionally have to decide the amount for every coin. You can choose all of the numbers by putting the respective screen buttons to use. First, choose a coin amount. Then, choose the amount of coins to bet. Keep in mind that if you play for progressive jackpots, you have to bet the proper amount to put the progressive table of payout into play, though.

Five-reel and seven-reel games, on the other hand, will put payline systems of betting to use. That may sound strange, but do not fret: they are actually incredibly easy. Basically, how much you choose to bet will be for each active payline. So, if you play a game with 25 paylines, for instance - every payline is activated - with bets of 25, your entire bet is going to be $6.25 for each spin.

After choosing the paylines and making the bet, you can start having some fun. Just hit 'Spin' and watch the reels spin. If luck is on your side, you will hit the winning combination, and nothing can be more exciting than seeing your balance skyrocket because of a huge win at online slots. You can also put some slots strategies to use to help you win more.

"Cheating" is something you should never worry about. Slot machines in casinos tend to be regulated, with the manufacturer dealing with the payouts. Online slots put the exact same algorithms to use and work the exact same way. No mistakes will be made and cheating will never occur.

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