Progressive Slot Machines

Although the chances of winning a jackpot that will change your life might be astronomical, this doesn't mean you should avoid progressive machines at all costs. Provided with knowledge you are aware of what your expectations should be and are realistic about them, you can try them out. Several progressive machines tend to be better compared to others in order to win the jackpot, though.

Progressive slot machines refer to groups of a lot of slot machines that are connected by a single network. The huge progressive jackpot accumulates by taking some of the machine's played money, which means that its jackpot will keep growing as people keep playing until someone actually wins the reward. Since a coin percentage forms this jackpot, its actual payout percentage on other symbols is much less, though. However, not every progressive machine is the same.

Stand-Alone Progressives

Stand-alone progressives aren't connected to other machines. As opposed to having fixed jackpot, it also takes a coin percentage from the coins played to add to the overall reward. These machines come with a blatant meter that shows off the jackpot amount. In the majority of cases, the payout is the same as with other machines with the same denomination. However, it simply distributes differently, so that players get a different top prize amount. Stand-alone progressive jackpots tend to be much lower compared to those from connected machines, as well.

Wide-Area Progressives

Wide-area progressives provide jackpots that can really change one's life. These machines are connected to one another from a lot of unrelated casinos. Such machines get operated by independently operated companies as opposed to individual gaming companies. IGT, a maker of slot, operates games like MegaBucks and Quatermania, for example. The actual casino will share in the winning percentages, but the actual operator still owns the casino games. These jackpots might be huge, but your odds of winning the jackpot are also huge. Since the expenses of connection the machine are present, along with the administrative expenses to run wide-area games, the payout percentage on such machines are much lower compared to other slots, though.

It wouldn't hurt to try playing some huge progressives from time to time. However, don't focus on them as your main slot game. Instead, set a part of your bankroll aside and put to use on the big jackpot. After all, winning a progressive jackpot is based solely on luck, similar to buying a ticket for the lottery, so don't spend all of your money running after this dream. If you would like to play on progressive machines, though, you should focus on stand-alone progressives because your chances on them will be much better.

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