Top Slot Machines Books

Slots Strategy: How to Win and Hit the Jackpot by MacIntyre Simms is a great book for players to read when they want to learn how to really win at slots. It offers up precise and great ways of winning slots, while various example scenarios also exist in it about hitting big jackpots and winning at the game. It even shows the types of players that exist, and some common mistakes that beginners have to steer clear from. Having said that, this book would be great for those who want to find out more about hitting jackpots and winning sooner rather than later.

Modern Secrets at Playing Slots by Larry Mak gives readers firsthand experiences about slots games from a casino employee and professional slots player. Mathematical theories on winning slots games also exist.

The Guide to Play Slots for Slot Experts by John Robinson outlines lessons and guides on playing various types of slot games. It also has information on how to choose great slot games, professional strategies on playing great slot games, payout odds, and specific game terms and words. This book can help you greatly if what you would like to do is win.

Slots Done Easy by Gayle Mitchell outlines the pros and cons of slots games, plus more information on the new video slots technology.

Powerful Slots Profits by Victor Raver talks about slot machine history, as well as shares things to players about playing the game, how winning works, and what they should expect. A great read for all kinds of slot players.

Slot History Books

Marshall Fey's Slots: America's Favorite Device of Gaming is actually like a real trip into time. However, you only have to watch the changes that happen as they improve each time. This trip will take players into a century of old events and places - a very pictured and colored trip that will not put you to sleep, even if you tried.

If you want to learn about the machines' mechanics, you will get the total drawing on the machines inside world. Everything is showcased in a language that is simple and easy to get, as well. There are also a lot of slot machine pictures that will impress both gamblers and regular people - a great read for those especially interested in slot history.

David Mead's Slot Machines and Their Photographic History is a beautiful collection of stunning reprints of colored pictures in black and white. They are part of Mead's product collection that people have applied in several years straight. The shades tend to be totally different and they are made to ease reprint looking since there are a lot of details involved, only visible in correspondent light.

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