Slots Myths and Legends

"Machines have set spin sequences and patterns that can be found out after intense and careful studying."

Since slot machines have RNGs that generate a ton of number combinations per minute, this simply can't be true. People cannot track any pattern here, and neither can computers - it's that simple.

"Someone just took my spot and won the jackpot. I should have stayed longer, so that I could have hit it."

If there was any truth to this, you need to pull on the handle and push on the button the same micro-second that the winner did. If the timing changed, you would have gotten a completely different outcome out of it.

"I have been playing for days on this machine and still haven't won. It should hit very soon."

Sadly, the chances of winning a jackpot are always going to be the same. Slot machines can never be "due to pay". Keep in mind that every percentage is based on various spins, so you have to reach millions of spins at hundreds of spins in one hour, which means you could be playing for thousands of hours and still not win. Even cheating won't help you with that.

Payout Superstitions and Misconceptions

"A machine just gave out a huge jackpot. I will not play on it since it won't be "due" for a while."

Keep in mind that slots are made to average certain percentages of payout over thousands of spins. This means that machines that have just given out money for a jackpot will still have the same odds prior and post-jackpot.

"I need to bet a single coin each time in order to win more."

The slot reel mechanism, whether video or real, doesn't know the amount of coins that you place in the machine, so the exact same spin will be produced, whether one coin is played or more.

"Casinos have the power to make jackpots hit or not."

Again, the machine's RNG will determine whenever a jackpot occurs. The casino cannot control this at all.

"My odds of winning jackpot are better when there is a crowd at the casino."

Although it may be true that a lot of jackpots get hit when a casino is busy and crowded, this is because a lot of people are actually playing - nothing more. For instance, if a slot machine wins once every thousands of spins, getting two hundred spins at a slow day and eight hundred spins on a busy day will make it hit more on the busy day.

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