Basic Slot Machine Strategies

Gamblers mistakenly think that playing slots is all about luck, but there are actually some strategies out there that can help you win. You may find lots of them in slots books or just read about some of them below.

What You Need to Understand

First of all, it would be vital to know what kind of slots games you are actually playing. It is a basic three-reel slot or a five-reel slot? Does it have a progressive slot jackpot or a bonus slot? Even though every slot might have similar ratios of payout, how they are played happens to be extremely different, so you have to adjust to them accordingly.

As a general rule, progressive slots always use the maximum amount of coins. So don't just bet two credits if the jackpot happens to be payable with three. Simple enough?

Some Helpful Recommendations

When it comes to basic slots that don't have progressive jackpots, it isn't too important to play the maximum amount of coins, especially if your bankroll is limited. If you look at most slot machines' payout tables, you will come to find that they are filled with maximum coin amounts, though, so they can take some advantage. For instance, a 3-coin slot might have a 2-coin payout of 20 credits; however the 3-coin payout might be 40 instead of 30 credits, giving you a higher possible investment return after several spins. If you have a limited bankroll, the general rule would be to bet the maximum amount on machines with lower denominations, so your money's percentage return will be better as more times goes by compared to just making the minimum bet.

Within the last several years, a brand new slot type has shown up in casinos online: bonus slots that provide free spins, bonus games, multipliers, and the choice on the amount of free spins that you want to use and with which multiplier. These bonus slots definitely come with good entertainment value. However, when it comes to strategies, they tend to be streaky and notoriously unpredictable. Now, a great bonus round could help you net in several hundred dollars in mere seconds. On the flip side, however, long gaps might exist between lucky streaks. Players usually complain about how bonus slots waste bankrolls fast and although this is true sometimes, a great bonus round win could still win you hundreds of dollars - an attractive yet risky proposition.

Finally, the most vital slots strategy rule (which incidentally applies to every slot game form online and on land) is to set an actual limit and follow it. Without a doubt, it is easy to chase bonus rounds and progressives; however, great slot players should know how fickle lady luck can actually be. So, if a slot machine doesn't pay out, move on.

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