Slot Machines Winning Tips

Here are some tips on how to have a completely enjoyable experience while playing slots.

Personal Tips

  • Use the player's card. This is probably the most vital tip for casino players. See, this player's card will help you earn comps for rooms, shows, and food as you play. Several casinos even provide money back for games. If this card isn't put to use, you will essentially deprive yourself of valuable incentives that the casino gives its players. Several slot players seem to think that putting the slot cards to use will affect the machines' payouts, but this isn't true.
  • Manage your bankroll. Do not bring in money that you actually need for various other things. If the money shouldn't be lost, do not use it inside the casino - it's as simple as that. Instead, break down your bankroll into various gaming sessions. Do not risk everything in a single session.
  • After playing, ensure that you take every coin from your tray. Do this before collecting your things and go to the casino cage right away. Do not risk walking around with your coin bucket as you could lose or spill your coins that way.
  • Do not buy systems of slots that claim to show you when machines are about to hit; these are mere scams. The RNG will determine each machine's winning combinations and nothing can determine whether the machine is about to hit.

Gaming Tips

  • Read each payout table. Taking a look at the machine's payout can aid you in judging the machine's frequency in paying out winners. If many combinations on a machine return small wins, this probably means that its hit frequency is bigger than those with fewer combinations of winning and bigger wins. And, well, several players happen to prefer smaller yet more often wins. Be especially attentive with this point when choosing bonus multipliers slots.
  • Use the maximum amount of coins in progressive slot machines. Progressive slot machines provide bigger jackpots by taking money percentages from the machine. This can only be won by playing the most amount of coins possible, though, so do not use these slot machines if doing that isn't part of your plan.
  • Lock in your profits. After hitting a jackpot, ensure that you keep the profit. Set aside the initial playing stakes plus some profit then keep playing with small winning percentages. After all, nothing would be worse than winning just to lose again.
  • Slow down as you play slots. No prizes exist for players who press the button the quickest anyway. Also, do not play at several machines at once. Doing this will simply expose you to the casino advantage more, so you will end up losing money much quicker, as well.
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