Straight Slot Machines

Straight slots pay winners as the machine's schedule lists. For instance, a cherry might pay out two coins per coin inserted; two cherries might pay out five coins; three cherries might pay out ten coins, etc. Depending on the schedules of payout, four straight slot types exist.

Multiplier Slots

Multiplier slots will multiply the payout, depending on the amount of coins that are played. If the slot machine pays out five coins when three cherries come up on a one-coin insert, it will pay out ten on another coin insertion, or fifteen on a third coin insertion. You will not benefit more here, if you play the maximum of coins - remember that.

Bonus Multiplier Slots

Bonus multiplier slots work exactly like multiplier slots, except they provide bonuses whenever the maximum amount of coins is played. This means that playing more coins can actually double your overall winnings on two-coin machines, and you can even get three times your overall winnings on three-coin machines. For instance, getting three bars might give you a hundred per coin, or two hundred per two coins, or five hundred per three coins put into play. Make sure you read the slot machine prior to playing, though.

Multi-Payline and Buy-a-Pay Slots

Depending on how many coins you deposit, multi-payline slots will pay out on the amount of lines in them. One coin might just pay out the center line, so even if you get a combination that wins on the inactivated line, you won't win a thing. Inserting another coin will give you payouts on the topmost line, too, while another coin will give you payouts on the last line. This means that any horizontal should pay out money whenever you hit a winning combination. Read the slot machine to learn the amount of lines you have to play and pay for and win with. This can be anywhere up to the twenties.

Buy-a-pay slots are similar to legal briefs: you have to click "help" and read every bit of information on it. Such machines will tell you that every coin you play will make you eligible for the largest jackpot. For instance, you can gather winnings by playing up to two coins - any small amount, really. However, if you get the jackpot combination on a machine like this with a small amount of coins, you won't actually win anything. Such machines require you to play the maximum amount of coins possible. Again, do not forget to read all possible info on the machine.

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